Advantages of Science Jobs

Working in science has many advantages. The work is intellectually stimulating, allows you to contribute to society and offers the possibility of financial profit. Scientists have always had a leading role in driving progress. Whether in medicine and chemistry or astronomy and computer science, scientists have the exciting task of exploring how our world works and developing technologies to improve quality of life. In addition, pursuing a career in science can allow you to follow your passions, be it a love for building electronics (by becoming an engineer), a fascination with plants (by becoming a botanist), a passion for helping the sick (by going into healthcare), or a curiosity about the very building blocks of life (by studying physics or biochemistry).

Some scientists find the science jobs they work in satisfying because they allow them to contribute to advancements in healthcare. Whether in biology, chemistry, or health sciences, new research has improved our understanding of diseases from genetic childhood syndromes to Alzheimer's in the elderly. Together with the basic research done to understand disease pathways, work in fields such as engineering and computer science continues to produce improved healthcare-related equipment and systems for analyzing, storing, and sharing data. Careers in fields such as agriculture and engineering can also improve the lives of people in the developing world. By developing better ways of producing food and more affordable electronics such as computers, scientists help feed people in poorer countries and bring important educational modalities to provide their populations with the knowledge and tools for the 21st century.

A job in science can also allow you to have exciting experiences, such as studying marine life in its natural environment or being the first to test a new virtual reality program. Participating in innovative research can be incredibly rewarding in and of itself. Developments of new technologies, such as nano-technology and applications of the cloud-based Internet, will be some of the exciting new areas where those with a curious mind and love for innovation can apply their intellect.

Multiple scientific careers, whether maintaining existing technologies or at the forefront of progress, provide an opportunity for financial profit. New industries can tap into extensive markets. In addition, many science jobs that are highly valued today will continue to command high salaries over the next ten years. Science jobs ranging from doctors to computer scientists to engineers developing better ways to provide energy will continue to be well-paid throughout the next decade.