Opportunities for Financial Profit

Being at the forefront of progress offers much room for financial profit. New industries can tap into extensive markets. In addition, many science careers that are highly valued today will continue to command high salaries over the next ten years.

Some medical science jobs have always been profitable. Over the next decade, medical doctors such as surgeons, anesthesiologists, internists, dentists, and oral surgeons are expected to command high salaries. With the retiring baby boom generation, there will be plenty of career opportunities. Furthermore, as more and more conditions become treatable, doctors will be in higher demand. To support these medical professionals, nurses, x-ray technicians, and physician assistants will be well paid in the next ten years. As our understanding of mental health continues to improve, psychiatrists will continue to be needed and are expected to be one of the most highly paid medical professions over the next decade.

Careers in environmental sciences are also predicted to be quite profitable over the next ten years. For example, environmental consulting is a job that will continue to be in high demand as federal and state governments enact new environmental regulations. Natural sciences managers are also expected to be well paid. This science job is great for those with natural managerial talents, allowing a contribution to science by overseeing the work of scientists who develop new products and processes. As the world's energy demands continue to grow, science jobs in fuel production will also be profitable. These include careers such as mine geologist, consultant, or manager for those with a strong background in geosciences, natural science, and chemistry. A science career as a petroleum engineer will continue to be profitable. Moreover, as efforts continue to increase the use of alternative energy, those with training in biology, physics, chemistry, or ecology can pursue profitable careers in green energy and developing new bio-fuels and alternative energy sources.

Opportunities for Financial Profit

Science jobs in engineering and as engineering managers are also expected to pay high salaries. Civil engineers are expected to be in high demand in the U.S. over the next ten years to renew and redesign the country's infrastructure. Aerospace engineers will also continue to be well-paid. Employment in astronomy and astrophysics is expected to continue to grow in the coming decade, and scientists in these fields will do well. One of the new scientific developments that are expected to see growth in the near future is nanotechnology. This is a well-paying career path for those interested in the physical sciences. To complement nano-technological advances, there will be an increase in demand for new materials. Chemists and physicists working to develop these new materials will enjoy a good employment outlook over the next decade.

The next ten years are also sure to see much demand for computer technologies; careers in computer programming, computer software engineering, and computer and information systems management will continue to be in high demand and command high salaries. Finally, science jobs designing military technology and in forensic science are expected to be in demand. All these career paths can be quite profitable and will continue to command high salaries over the next ten years.